Purpose of this guide

This guide describes the installation and the configuration of the NetBSD operating system as well as the setup and administration of some of its subsystems. It primarily addresses people coming from other Unix-like operating systems, and aims to be a useful guide in the face of the many small problems one encounters when using a new tool.

This guide is not a Unix tutorial: basic knowledge of some concepts and tools is assumed. You should know, for example, what a file and a directory are, and how to use an editor. There are plenty of books explaining basic Unix and operating system concepts, and you should consult one if you need more background information. It is better to choose a general book and avoid titles like Learning Unix-XYZ, version in 10 days, but this is a matter of personal taste.

Much work is still required to finish this introduction to NetBSD: some chapters are not finished (some are not even started) and some subjects need more testing. Corrections and additions are most certainly welcome.

This guide is currently maintained by the NetBSD www team (). Corrections and suggestions should be sent to that address. See also Appendix B, Contributing to the NetBSD guide.