Jörg Sonnenberger

NetBSD and Mercurial
One year later

pkgsrcCon 2018

What about Git?

Why Mercurial?

  • It can do (almost) all things Git can do
  • ...often better
  • ...like safe rebase including public colaboration
  • Somewhat slower startup, but fast enough
  • Consistent UX, slowly improving over time

What's new?

  • hgmaster.NetBSD.org and anonhg.NetBSD.org are up and running:
    • hg clone ssh://hgmaster.NetBSD.org/src
    • hg clone https://anonhg.NetBSD.org/src
  • source-changes-hg@NetBSD.org and pkgsrc-changes-hg@NetBSD.org await subscriptions

What's next?

  • pullbundles on hgmaster is still missing, so clones still slower than necessary
  • anonssh for anonhg is also still missing
  • import evolve into pkgsrc [done]
  • documentation, documentation, documentation...