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As with the rest of NetBSD, development on alpha issues involves a world-wide team of people using internet-based source code control systems, as well as contributors who have sent us code to better support particular platforms and devices. In some cases, contributors are listed with their area of contribution on the system models page. Please send us mail if you or someone you know should also be listed here.

Chris Demetriou was the initial developer of NetBSD/alpha, served as the portmaster until September of 1997, and continues to provide valuable advice and consultation. The initial development and maintenance of NetBSD/alpha was funded by Carnegie Mellon University.

Matt Thomas contributed work on the dynamic loader and tool chain for the big COFF-to-ELF move. Matthew Jacob added support for the 4100 and 8x00 platforms. Ross Harvey added support for Avalon's A12 Scalable Parallel Processor. Jason Thorpe added way too many things to even try to mention.

Current funding for NetBSD/alpha development is being provided by the Numerical Aerospace Simulation Facility at NASA's Ames Research Center and by Avalon Computer Systems, Inc. The NAS facility employs NetBSD/alpha developers Matthew Jacob and Jason R. Thorpe.

As of March 1998, Ross Harvey of Avalon Computer Systems is the NetBSD/alpha portmaster. Support for most of the remaining available alpha systems was added during 1998 in a cooperative effort by Chris, Jason, and Ross.

In February, 2000 Jason Thorpe signed on to help manage the alpha port and become a ``co-portmaster'', formalizing a position he had in practice held all along.

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