Notes on System Models


These are the systems that NetBSD/pmax supports:

Work is currently under way for the following system:

NetBSD/pmax currently does not support the following systems:

A DECstation is a workstation that has some form of graphics display, keyboard and mouse. A DECsystem is a server that uses a serial console. Many models can be used in either form, usually by adding or removing the graphics card or video memory.

DECstation family has various TURBOchannel option cards which also work with TURBOchannel based Alpha AXP family. NetBSD/pmax currently supports some of option cards.

Here is a list of Board, System Type, Code and Model Names and list of known PROM revisions with their netboot status.

DECstation and DECsystem 2100


DECstation and DECsystem 3100

The DECstation and DECsystem 3100 has exactly the same hardware configuration as the DECstation and DECsystem 2100 except that the R2000 CPU runs at 16.67 MHz.

DECsystem 5100


Personal DECstation 5000/20, /25, /33 and /50 systems


DECstation and DECsystem 5000/120, /125, /133 and /150 systems


DECstation and DECsystem 5000/200 systems


DECstation and DECsystem 5000/240 and /260 systems


DECsystem 5900 and 5900-260 systems

The DECsystem 5900 and 5900-260 systems are rackmount versions of the DECsystem 5000/240 and /260 systems with a TURBOchannel Extender (TcE) module which provides total five TURBOchannel option slots in a single system. The 1 MB Prestoserve NVRAM card is also standard with the DECsystem 5900 and 5900-260.

DECsystem 5500

The DECsystem 5500 is shipped in a BA430 enclosure, which provides a 12-slot backplane and room for four mass storage devices. The base system contains the following:

DECsystem 5400

The DECsystem 5400 is based on the 3500-series MAYFAIR VAXes. The 3500-series VAXes are supported by NetBSD/vax and that port may be able to be leveredged for a DECsystem 5400 port.

DECsystem 5810, 5820, 5830 and 5840

The DECsystem 5800-series is based on the VAX 6000 model 300. The VAX 6000 model 300 is supported by NetBSD/vax and that port may be able to be leveredged for a DECsystem 5800 port.

Supported Option Cards

NetBSD/pmax supports the following TURBOchannel graphics cards:

NetBSD/pmax supports the following graphics cards with wscons kernels.

NetBSD/pmax supports the following cards:

Unsupported Option Cards

The wide variety of TURBOchannel option cards was manufactured for DECstation 5000 as well as DEC3000. The following are not supported by NetBSD/pmax in this moment.

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