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As with the rest of NetBSD, development on vax issues involves a world-wide team of people using internet-based source code control systems, as well as contributors who have sent us code to better support particular platforms and devices. In some cases, contributors are listed with their area of contribution on the system models page. Please send us mail if you or someone you know should also be listed here.

The port started in February 1994 when members of Ludd, the computer society at Luleå University (Luleå Tekniska Universitet) in Sweden wanted to run another operating system than ULTRIX on the VAX machines that did not support 4.3BSD. For porting purpose, two old VAX 11/750 were started and was used as the initial development machines.

The VAX port started (approximately) with NetBSD 0.9 source code, but was later merged in the common source tree.

Anders Magnusson is the maintainer of NetBSD/vax, and has so been from the beginning.

Matt Thomas added VAX shared library support to the NetBSD a.out dynamic loader and the GNU C/C++ compiler and toolchain.

There are no fundings for the NetBSD/vax development, but Ludd hosts most of the machines needed for the continued project.

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