NetBSD/vax History

The NetBSD/vax port began with NetBSD-current sources from a bit before the NetBSD 1.0 release. NetBSD/vax's first formal release was NetBSD 1.2, though there had been many snapshots available before.

The first binary and source snapshot of NetBSD/vax was made available to the public on August 4, 1994. It supported only the VAX 11/750 system, and only MSCP disks and DEUNA ethernet. Soon after that ports to other VAX systems begun to show up.

The first MicroVAX support was written by Rick Macklem in January 1995, and soon thereafter other MicroVAX systems also was supported. In mid-1996, Bertram Barth wrote the first VAXstation support.

In August 1998, the first VMS-only vax was supported; the VAXstation 4000 model 60.

Dennis Ritchie has some pages containing a historical perspective on the original VAX architecture.

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