About NetBSD/acorn26

NetBSD/acorn26 is the port of NetBSD to ARMv2 and ARMv2a machines, primarily the Acorn Archimedes, A-series and R-series systems. These systems pre-date those supported by NetBSD/arm32 and use an earlier, incompatible version of the ARM architecture.

NetBSD/acorn26 News

2006-10-01: acorn26 now uses standard ARM bus space implementation
Ben Harris committed a change to move over to using the standard ARM bus_space implementation on acorn26. This is more flexible than the old acorn26 bus_space, which means that single read/write operations are slower, but multi and region operations have the potential to be faster, and particularly insane podules might be supportable.
2006-10-01: new driver sec(4) for the Acorn SCSI Expansion Card
Ben Harris committed a new driver sec(4) for the Acorn SCSI Expansion. Unlike asc(4), this driver uses the board's DMA system, uses the machine-independent WD33C93 driver, works on NetBSD/acorn26, and doesn't share a name with six other machine-dependent SCSI drivers. Not tested on acorn32, but it seems to work tolerably well on an A540.
2003-10-15: arm port Xscale optimizations
Steve Woodford announced that he has committed various Xscale micro-optimizations to the NetBSD/arm ports. Please see his message to the port-arm Mailing List for details.
2001-12-08: New -current snapshot available
A new -current snapshot based on 2001-12-07 sources is now available in the NetBSD/arm26 snapshot area of the ftp server. (snapshot deprecated. NetBSD 1.6 was released on 2002-09-14)
2001-09-12: Minimal Econet support
NetBSD-current now includes minimal support for Econet interfaces. At the moment, there are no protocols implemented on top of Econet, so its usefulness is rather limited. This will change.
2001-07-28: New bootloader
Ben Harris has committed a new bootloader, with support for gzipped kernels, to NetBSD/arm26. See Ben's announcement in the port-arm26 mail archive for more details.
2001-05-31: boot with local root
Ben Harris ( has gotten support for booting with root on a local disk.
2001-05-28: DMA in HCCS SCSI driver
Ben Harris ( has committed support for the pseudo-DMA facilities of the HCCS SCSI podule. This gets speed up to 300 KB/s.

Archive of NetBSD/acorn26 news items

Supported System Models

Note that NetBSD/acorn26 requires at least 8 Mb of RAM. Systems with less memory than this will not currently work.

  • Archimedes 305, 310 and 440
  • R140
  • Archimedes 410/1, 420/1 and 440/1 (untested)
  • BBC A3000
  • Archimedes 540
  • R260 and R225 (untested)
  • A5000
  • A4 (untested)
  • A3010 (untested)
  • A3020
  • A4000 (untested)
  • Dave Gilbert's ArcEm

Supported Peripherals

On new machines:

  • On-board IDE interface (wdc) supporting ATA and ATAPI devices.
  • On-board serial port (com)
  • On-board parallel port (lpt)