NetBSD/hpcmips MGL2 - Mobilegear Graphic Library Version2

What is MGL2?

MGL2 - Mobilegear Graphic Library Version 2 is the Graphic Library and Window Manager toolkit for tiny machine. See the MGL2 homepage and the MGL2 download page for more information.

MGL2 application


mgterm terminal emulator
mil image viewer
mdate calendar
mcal calculator
msame SaMeGaMe games using to uch panel
calibdata-update touch panel calibrator

Screen Snapshot

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Support OS/Machine

  • NetBSD:
    • NetBSD/hpcmips
    • NetBSD/mac68k
    • NetBSD/i386
  • MobileGear:
    • PocketBSD
  • PocketLinux
  • Linux/7k (Linux for Psion5)
  • Linux-VR (Linux for WinCE)

How to install MGL2 on your hpcmips

Install the graphics/mgl package

MC/R430,530 & NetBSD 1.5 & mgl2-alpha-019 has some trouble.

mgl2-alpha-019-for-netbsd15.patch.gz is the patch for R430/530 and sigmarion.

MGL2 CVS Repository.

anon-cvs login:

cvs -d login

CVS password: anoncvs

anon-cvs checkout:

cvs -z9 -d co othersrc/mgl/mgl2

anon-cvs update:

cvs -z9 update -PAd


MGL2 cvsweb

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