NetBSD/hpcmips IPv6 & IPsec support

General information

IWPC - IPv6 World Pocketcomputing Championship

General information

IPv6 & IPsec support

This page contains information about NetBSD/hpcmips IPv6 & IPsec support and information on the pocket IPv6 environment.

NetBSD/hpcmips supports IPv6 & IPsec the same as other NetBSD ports. Applications such as rtsol, ping6, and traceroute6, work fine on a GENERIC kernel configuration. NetBSD/hpcmips is a good solution for small-battery drive-lowcost IPv6 mobile computing environment.

IWPC - IPv6 World Pocketcomputing Championship

Category 1:IPv6 & IPsec available


  Sold in Model CPU Size OS
Everex World FreeStyle A-15 VR4111 70MHz 122x80x16mm 178g NetBSD/hpcmips-current
CELL COMPUTING World Pentium CardPC Pentium 166-233M 54x85.6x12.7mm NetBSD/i386
GMATE Co., Ltd World CHOPIN StrongARM 128.8x83.5x19.9mm Linux(Kernel) OS, IPv6 working? or not?
Wildlab Inc. World LAMB-RT-01 AMD Elan 410 66MHz 93x91x30mm Linux, NetBSD/i386(sys/arch/i386/conf/LAMB)

Category 2:IPv4 httpd available


Sold in Model CPU Size
  Fairchild ACE    
  DIMM size PC    
  Web332   5cmx5cm
  uWebserver   1.3" by 1.5"
  palm pilot httpd    
  TCP/IP stack and WWW server in a PIC16F84    

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