About NetBSD/hpcsh

NetBSD/hpcsh brings the NetBSD operating system to HITACHI Super-H family based Windows CE PDA machines. Currently, the sh3 processor is supported.

The port name hpcsh was coined from hardwares NetBSD/hpcsh runs: SH based systems in Microsoft's H/PC (Handheld PC) form factor. A H/PC machine contains a keyboard and a touch screen, equipped with 8MB or more RAM. The port supports the HPC form factor, as well as the H/PC Pro and PsPC (Palmsized PC). (Many PsPC machines are used by the developers for active development.)

NetBSD/hpcsh is an ideal platform for mobile computing applications because of hardware sizes. And, of course, NetBSD/hpcsh supports all the standard features you expect NetBSD, such as IPv6 and IPsec.

NetBSD/hpcsh News

2009-09-02: Binary packages for pkgsrc-2009Q1 available
Binary packages for NetBSD/sh3el 5.0 built on landisk from the pkgsrc-2009Q1 branch are now available in See the pkgsrc guide for more details.

Archive of NetBSD/hpcsh news items

Supported System Models

Many kinds of H/PC, H/PC Pro, and PsPC systems are supported by NetBSD/hpcsh. View the supported system table to see if your system is supported.

Supported Processors

sh3 processors are supported by NetBSD/hpcsh. View the processor comparison table to see if your processor is supported.

Processor Comparison

CPU Features

Support Status

Sold in Model CPU Video RAM Companion Chip Boot PCMCIA Controller Keymap Xserver
Hewlett-Packard Models
World (Disc) Jornada 680 SH-3 SH7709A 133MHz 640x240 64K color 16MB HITACHI HD64461 Y Y US/UK, Japanese, European, French, German, Scandinavian, Spanish Y
World (Disc) Jornada 690 SH-3 SH7709A 133MHz 640x240 64Kcolor 32MB HITACHI HD64461 Y Y Y
World (Disc) HP 620LX SH-3 SH7709 75MHz 640x240 256color 16MB HITACHI HD64461 Y Y US/UK, Japanese Y
World (Disc) Jornada 548 SH-3 SH7709A 133MHz 240x320 64Kcolor 32MB HP F1796 N      
CASIO Models
Japan Cassiopeia A-50/51 SH-3 SH7093 40MHz 640x240 2bpp gray-scale 4/8MB CASIO FM-7403 N      
Japan Cassiopeia A-55V SH-3 SH7093R 80MHz 640x240 2bpp gray-scale 16MB CASIO FM-7403 N      
Japan PERSONA HPW-50PAD SH-3 SH7709R 100MHz 640x240 64Kcolor 32MB HITACHI HD64461 Y Y Japanese  
Japan PERSONA HPW-230JC SH-3 SH7709R 100MHz 640x240 64Kcolor 32MB HITACHI HD64461 Y Y    
Japan PERSONA HPW-650PA SH-4 SH7750V 128MHz 640x480 64Kcolor 16MB HITACHI HD64465, HD64464(MQ100), HD64560 Y (serial console only) partial N (keyboard access cause hang up)